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Talking about your stance on firearms is a bit of a Hollywood grey area, but Chris Pratt has come out as an out-and-proud gun-nut.

The 35-year-old [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) actor, who hails from Virginia, spoke out to Esquire magazine about his impressive collection of firearms revealing that he owned a sizable;

30 or 40 gun arsenal

Although that is a mighty collections of guns by a lot of people's standards, it's not all trigger happy for Pratt. He also explained that he believed in heavily regulated gun control to ensure that dangerous weapons do not fall into the hands of criminals or those who could be mentally unstable.

When it comes to using a gun in the case of breaking and entering, Pratt was immensely clear about his stance. He explained that he bought his wife Anna Farris her own gun and in the event of an intruder, he would totally support her;

blowing their f------ brains out

Pratt might just be as candid and down-to-earth as celebrities come these days. By showing that he is not afraid to reveal his opinions on controversial issues such as gun law, Pratt has proven than he probably always speaks his mind.

This isn't some Hollywood charm school bullcrap.



(Source: The Wrap)


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