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Jess O'Kane

Turtle purists, fear not. Michael Bay's CGI mega-hit may have grossed $65 million this past weekend in the USA and Canada alone, but the resistance movement is strong.

Youtubers AwesomeX have recreated the trailer for the 2014 film shot-for-shot, using moments from the classic series, which ran from 1987-1996.

It's total nostalgia-bait, featuring April O'Neil in her painfully cool yellow jumpsuit, Splinter being awesome - and of course - the four brothers bringing reptile sexy back.

AwesomeX commented:

It shows that seasoned fans and newcomers that the 2D original can still hang when it comes to its silver screen counterpart.

Oh, if only. Paramount has just announced that following the film's successful opening weekend, a sequel is now planned for 2016. I'm guessing there won't be a similar crate of cash thrown at the animated series.

A girl can dream.

But at least you can nurse your Michael Bay headache with the remade trailer. Check it out below:

(Source: Comic Book)


Which trailer do you prefer?


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