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They may be best buds nowadays but things were not always so rosy between the two beef steaks of action.

In fact, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger once hated each other so much that they wanted to "strangle each other".

Squeaking through his silicon death mask, Stallone added:

Did you ever have someone you wanted to strangle every day? It got to the point where we stopped talking to each other and couldn't be in the same room.

Stallone and Schwarzenegger were the two of the biggest box-office draws throughout the 80s, and their rivalry was intense.

Stallone made his name as boxer Rocky Balboa and soldier John Rambo, whilst Schwarzenegger went from a career as an Austrian Hulk to everyone's favorite Terminator.

But now, he admits things have mellowed between the two:

Now we have this mutual respect, we're survivors, and now it's like, 'You know what? This guy is pretty special.

Special indeed. Stallone and Schwarzenegger appear together in The Expendables 3. Watch the trailer below:

(Source: The Mirror)


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