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There aren't a whole lot of genres that Steven Spielberg hasn't touched upon (and turned into gold in the process). War, romance, comedy, science fiction. He's a rare director who seems capable of mastering pretty much any subject matter that comes his way.

Musicals, though, have so far largely eluded his directorial career - though he's been involved with a few as a producer or in a cameo - which made the rumors circulating earlier this year about a prospective adaptation of West Side Story all the more exciting.

The prospect seemed to grow more distant after Spielberg was confirmed to be working on the BFG, as well as a Cold War thriller starring Tom Hanks - but, from the sounds of it, it could well still be on its way.

While being interviewed on Good Morning America, Spielberg was asked whether or not the West Side Story remake was happening, and his response was, if not conclusive, certainly positive:

"Well you know something, 'West Side Story' is one of my favorite Broadway musicals and one of the greatest pieces of musical literature, my goodness, one of the greatest scores and some of the greatest lyrics ever written for a musical so just let me put it this way: it’s on my mind"

Which could mean he's just watching it on loop in his trailer - but might just also mean we're set to see a whole lot of dancing in his future...

As of yet there's no sign of a release date for [West Side Story](movie:1265979), but with luck, it'll soon be on its way.


What do you guys think? Up for a Spielberg adaptation of West Side Story?

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