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Let's be honest, most household fish do not exactly live the most exciting lives. Usually they just circle around a tiny bowl, eat gravel and then gawp at a model of a castle, before dying, presumably, of boredom.

Well, one plucky little fish isn't content to stick to this life of watery monotony and has instead decided to play Pokemon live online!

OK, so obviously this Siamese fighting betta fish, named Grayson, isn't exactly aware of what he's doing, however his owners have made him an internet sensation by linking his goldfish bowl up to an emulation of the classic Nintendo Gameboy game.

The masterminds behind this scheme, college students Catherine Moresco and Patrick Facheris, created the project as part of a 24 hour New York hackathon HackNY. The concept it rather simple. A webcam follows Grayson's movements around the bowl, and translates different positions into different commands in the game.

He has now been playing for over 170 hours and has been watched by 3.6 million people on the live streaming site, Twitch. Unfortunately, his progress has been a bit sluggish. At the time of writing, he is currently stuck in a corner - something which happens rather regularly. Other common occurrences include losing himself in the options menu and continually growling at enemy Pidgeys and Rattatas in the few fights he manages to find himself in (that's if he doesn't run away of course). You can see him live, below:

However, although he has failed to actually make it out of Pallet Town, he has met with some success. He did manage to defeat the rival trainer's Squirtle at the beginning of the game and also defeated a Pidgey later on, which isn't bad for a fish. Relive that moment in the video below:

Currently plans are afoot to procure Grayson a larger bowl in order to give him a home worthy of a celebrity, and so far there isn't any indication of when, if ever, this game will end.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if we can expect Grayson to finish Pokemon Red. Sure, as the old saying goes: "An infinite number of fish, playing for an infinite number of hours in an infinite number of fishbowls will eventually complete Pokemon Red", but regrettably Grayson is just one fish with a lifespan of 2 to 4 years. Perhaps this task to just too large of a scale for him?

Of course, this isn't the first interesting take on an online game of Pokemon. Earlier in the year, an event called Twitch Plays Pokemon was held in which tens of thousands of viewers played the same game of Pokemon at the same time. Surprisingly, they managed to complete the game in only a few days. Something tells me Grayson will not be so lucky. I've been writing this article for about 30 minutes, and he's still stuck in that corner...


Do you think Grayson will complete Pokemon Red?

Source: BBC News


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