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Matthew Chapman

It is such a difficult task to beat the sheer cinematic brilliance that was the original Spider-Man trilogy

… but somehow they manage.

If I didn’t think so in the first movie, this movie confirmed for me that Andrew Garfield is the perfect choice to play Peter Parker. The thing that captured my attention in this movie is that it doesn’t feel like he is acting, it’s feels like that is his actual personality and traits.

The same can be said with Emma Stone. When those two share a scene together, it’s like they aren’t acting at all.

This movie has a lot of foreshadowing to the future Spider-Man movies and the planned spin-offs and even references and small appearances by characters that may or may not live up to their comic destiny in this universe.

Something I also liked was the new Green Goblin costume. This version has a sense of realism to it, something you can see an actually villain wearing, not some cartoon character costume like the William Dafoe/James Franco costume looked like.

There is a scene between Peter and Aunt May that is just remarkable! Certainly shows you why Andrew Garfield is where he is now and why Sally Field has been nominated and won so many awards in her acting career!

If you are a fan of comic books and/or the first Amazing Spider-Man, well you probably would have already seen this, but if you haven’t than you should get on that! This will definitely be a Day 1 purchase for me.


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