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Jonathan J Moya

The Force, at least in Disney Princess Star Wars fan art, has a way of evening out. For every dozen drawn to the Dark Side of The Force, at least a dozen more are set in ink and pixels on the Light Side.

Last week had the rise of JosephB222's Sith Disney Princesses featuring Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White, and Kida as Sith and Darth as they can be. (,manual#!bBnxBu).

This week, proving that Star Wars in the Disney Princess Fan Art Universe is very much a gender war, is Belgian Artist White Magician, and her slate of 17 Jedi Princesses (some with a watermark that can't be removed). In true Disney Princess style they are smiling and way cute.

You can find more of White Magician's art at her deviantart page:

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