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Please, I Beg of you... Don't Do This To Me Blacklist...

I love The Blacklist. In all honesty, it is probably the last thing keeping me tuning into NBC, except that magic that is Parks and Recreation.

The first season of the crime thriller was pretty exceptional. With a stellar cast of James Spader and Megan Boone, with a dash of Alan Alda and Harry Lennix, every episode was fun, intriguing and sometimes fairly gruesome.

Now, by adding in Mary-Louis Parker and Mozhan Marno... this second season has the chance to be beyond fantastic. Except for one little hurdle of a spoiler. If you don't even want to know that this possible scenario is, maybe now is the time to go check out some of the other top notch articles here.

SPOILER WARNING: 3...2...1..

In one of the latest random spoiler columns was this little nugget about Liz & Tom:

Liz won’t waste much time officially cutting ties to faux-husband Tom Keen — though there’s at least one part of him she won’t be able to shed.

The idea of them using the "Liz is pregnant" card makes me angry, because I want The Blacklist to be smarter than that. I want Elizabeth Keen to be a badass female character, and not bring a baby into the mix. I want a character back on television like Olivia Dunham or Dana Scully. (Yes, I know.. both *technically* had children on their respective shows, but not until the END of the series.)

This is all in the same vein of why I don't want Red to be Liz's father.

It's too easy. I want MORE from the think-tanks behind this gem of a show. Sure, there is a lot of heavy, provocative, intriguing shows on television right now. I think that The Blacklist COULD prove to be a force to be reckoned with in the ratings and accolades with those big boys. However, if, and only IF, they don't take the cheap way out.

So, if not a baby, what else could Tom have left her with? I am hoping that there is a bigger mystery at hand. Maybe he left her clues to who Red really is, or maybe he left her more of a bread crumb trail to her father, who Tom claims is still alive. Maybe its Berlin?

As long as it isn't a baby or an STD, I will continue to be engulfed and entertained by James Spader's Raymond Reddington and his weekly antics, along with the rest of the task force as they cut down name after name off their list.

SOURCE: The Blacklist Fan Site


Would you want Liz to be "tied" to Tom in the family way?


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