ByMatt Dushkes, writer at

Fans of Samurai Jack rejoice! The Cartoon Network cult-classic is getting a second life. Director Genndy Tartakovsky has been trying for years to make a full-length animated feature to give his beloved series a proper ending. JJ Abrams and his production company, Bad Robot, have signed on to co-produce a Samurai Jack movie.

The series follows the titular Jack, an honorable samurai from the past flung into a dystopian, sci-fi future by the “Master of Darkness,” Aku. Now, Jack must navigate his way through this brave new world filled with killer robots, talking dogs, and unlikely Scottish allies as he looks for a way back to his own time.

2004 saw Jack nearly at the end of his epic journey before the series was abruptly canceled, leaving fans heartbroken and unfulfilled. Tartakovsky had been trying since 2007 to get production on the movie rolling, but ran into a number of logistical and financial obstacles. Things seemed pretty bleak for everyone’s favorite samurai until Mr. Abrams stepped in.

The popular sci-fi director has long been a fan of the four-time Emmy winning show. With Abrams’ string of successes including: Lost, The Star Trek reboot, and the highly anticipated Star Wars VII, things are looking up for Jack.



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