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The Earth Queen is DEAD?! Its true peeps!

As you know, the Legend of Korra was pulled from Nickelodeon networks after chapter 8. Nickelodeon claimed it was because of low ratings. This is true to a degree. The Legend of Korra Book Three: Change premiered on Friday, June 27. It was short notice due to Nickelodeon's Mexican affiliate MundoNick leaking 4 vital episodes of the season. Nickelodeon had no choice but to release the season much sooner than expected. Three episodes premiered on Friday, June 27. The ratings we much lower than Book Two: Spirits and way lower than Book One: Air.

Book One: Air - Welcome To Republic City/A Leaf in the Wind - 4.55 million

Book Two: Spirits - Rebel Spirit/The Southern Lights - 2.60 Million

Book Three: Change - A Breath of Fresh Air/Rebirth - 1.50 Million & The Earth Queen - 1.29 Million

Every episode since has had no more than 1.40 million views. Now its not because of the story behind each season. Look at Korra's television history since her premier. We had the extended wait for Book Two: Spirits. Episodes from Book Two were leaked as well. The change from Saturday mornings @ 11a to Friday nights @ 7p to 8p. And the lack of promotion compared to Nickelodeon's other animated series. I mean come on! Do you ever see a rerun of Korra on Nickelodeon compared to spongebob or even iCarly? Korra was not given the proper respect from Nickelodeon.

But could the political things happening in Book Three: Change also be the reason?

We now know that Zaheer (voiced by Henry Rollins) along with Ghazan (voiced by Peter Giles), the arm-less waterbender Ming Hua (voiced by Grey DeLisle), and a combustion-bender named P'Li ( voiced by Kristy Wu) are part of a secret society called the Red Lotus. The Red Lotus was formed because there are some who believed that the White Lotus has lost their way, working for corrupt governments and being basically glorified butlers to the avatar. It is also reveled in Chapter 9 that Unalaq (Korra's Uncle and Former Chief of the Watertribes) was apart of the Red Lotus. The Red Lotus (without Unalaq) tried kidnapping Korra while she was little to raise her in their ways and to open the spirit portals and release Vaatu to restore balance to the world. They were all defeated and put in special prisons that hindered their abilities (though Zaheer was not a airbrnder until Harmonic Convergence). Unalaq covered up his tracks and came up with a new plan to become a dark avatar and destroy Korra and Raava. Zaheer even told Korra that a dark avatar was not the plan.

Now we see in Chapter 10, the Red Lotus true purpose to cause havoc in the world. Zaheer makes a deal with the Earth Queen to take Korra in exchange for the location of the airbenders. The Earth Queen accepts the deal. However....Zaheer listens in on the Earth Queen being told of Korra's escape. He and the group are frustrated, imagining that Korra has slipped their grasp. "It's time to make her come to us," Zaheer decides. The Red Lotus confront the Queen in her throne room, taking out the Di Li. The Queen is enraged. "You wouldn't dare attack a queen!" she shrieks "I don't believe in queens," Zaheer says coldly, and weaves a sphere of air around her head, sucking away her breath. "Freedom is just as essential as air," he says, as the Earth Queen chokes to death. "Without it, there is no life. There is only darkness."

Now out of all the deaths in the series, this one is the most harsh. Studio Mir gave great detail into her death by showing her suffocate and her eyes bulging out. Yeah... Long Live The Earth Queen!

Could the content of whats to come have something to do with Nickelodeon's decision? I think so. What do you think?

Did you know that a Legend of Korra video game is coming?


Could the content of whats to come have something to do with Nickelodeon's decision? I think so. What do you think?

"It's part of this huge sea change in the industry," Konietzko says. "Things have changed just for us between when we did 'Avatar: [The Last Airbender]' ... and when we came back on the air in 2012 [with 'Legend of Korra']. When 'Book 1' of 'Korra' came out, it did pretty good numbers on TV, but its online numbers were just insane."

"Legend of Korra's" numbers have been down on Nickelodeon for "Book 3," but Konietzko says that they've only grown on, the Nickelodeon app and on streaming services. The "Book 2" finale, for example, was the biggest digital hit on the channel's website of the year. That seems to be what convinced Nickelodeon to have the show live online.

Konietzko says it's no secret that the channel has "had kind of a hard time fitting it into their programming." The shift "definitely caught us by surprise. It wasn't necessarily done in the smoothest way," he adds.

As long as Korra continues, the fan base will as well. A new Episode of Korra Called "The Ultimatum" premiers Friday, August 15 @ noon.

This is the last single episode before the 2-part season finale.

Here is the trailer for the second half of Book Three:


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