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In a shockingly candid interview, Daniel Radcliffe has criticized his acting in the Harry Potter films. The Potter veteran claimed that his acting in a lot of the films was very "complacent" and "one-note". Radcliffe especially criticizes his acting in the sixth installment of the franchise, The Half-Blood Prince.

For years I've asserted that The Half-Blood Prince, while an excellent book, was absolutely the worst movie in the series, and not just because of the acting. The director cut out too many important details while adding ridiculous and superfluous ones (i.e., the attack on The Burrow). I'm glad to hear that Mr. Radcliffe agrees with me, stating that "I'm just not very good in it. I hate it".

This self-criticism is actually quite refreshing. Critics and fans are expected to pick apart performances, but it takes a truly humble actor to admit when they suck. So hats off to you Mr. Potter. Let's hope Radcliffe has learned from his past mistakes. The wonderful trailer for his upcoming rom-com What If certainly indicates that he has. Let's hope the rest of the movie delivers as well.

(Source: The Guardian)


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