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Warning: Minor Spoilers!

Since the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, fans have been going wild for baby Groot. This adorable little mini-Groot was seen dancing in the end credits in his pot, and that one scene almost stole the show.

The fan art is already off the charts - just check out this run down of some of the best (and I challenge you not the play the song and dance along, just for a moment!).

But what many of us are waiting for is the actual dancing baby Groot toy. Remember those silly plastic dancing flowers from the 90's? Yeah. I want one of those, but Groot. Because Groot. Amazingly enough, many people are not content to just wait and see if Marvel answers to fan demand, and have actually been creating their own! Here are a few of the best replicas and tutorials, so that we can build a veritable army of mini-Groots, and take over the world! (Or something like that.)

This clever YouTuber actually used one of those dancing flowers, but decapitated it and turned it into baby Groot! Sadly, there is no tutorial posted just yet...

But luckily, Riddle Me This created this (non-dancing) clay tutorial so that you can make yourself one anyway.

If you don't want to actually make your own, but you want to see his little smiling face on your windowsill, NerdDollz on etsy have this little guy for sale.

SmartAppleCreations went a bit of a different way, and she came up with this crochet baby-Groot, which is almost more adorable than the original. How is that a thing?!

Somewhere in between making and buying lies this adorable creation based off the PopVinyl figure. You can find a tutorial here, detailing how this artist turned an off-the-shelf collectible into a potted baby Groot!

Making or buying, how can you not love the retro feel of this keychain version by MangoCats? Listen to Awesome Mix Vol 1 and get that iron out, it's Perler time!

Or another way to carry baby Groot everywhere you go... this tiny version is actually a necklace, by MissEsAccessories on etsy.

And if you cross baby Groot with Puss in Boots from Shrek, you get this giant-eyed baby Groot from WorldOFvog. Pot sold separately.

If you absolutely cannot accept imitations, you can actually pre-order an official tiny potted Groot. Hot Toys will be making one, however, it only comes with the Rocket and Groot set (as an extra), which costs a whopping $359.99. The site also only confirms that it is a 1/6th scale model, and says nothing about dancing to the Jackson Five.

What are your favorite baby Groot offerings? Have you made one of your own? Comment and let me know!


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