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Note, potential SPOILERS for Ant-Man, and later MCU movies, below:

It sometimes seems as though no matter what Marvel's upcoming Ant-Man movie does, it's immediately buried in controversy. Maybe that's because we're all still suspicious of Edgar Wright's departure from the project - or maybe because most fans weren't convinced by it in the first place.

For whatever reason, though, more or less everything that comes out about the movie seems to prompt at least one more fan to decide not to watch it.

Could this latest news, though, finally break that trend?

Following on from the (admittedly pretty depressing) news that Janet van Dyne, the original Wasp and founding member of the comic-book Avengers will not be appearing in the film - and what's more, is probably dead in the MCU reality - we all needed some good news.

Which Paul Rudd has been good enough to provide.

  Because he's just that nice...
Because he's just that nice...

He recently spoke to Screen Rant about what elements of the Ant-Man story - and his role as Scott Lang - particularly appealed to him, and in the process, may just have revealed an Avenger about to make her way to the big screen:

“In the comics, Scott Lang has a daughter, and that’s part of the movie too, in terms of the character dynamics that are going on...That really appealed to me.”

Or, in other words, Cassandra Lang is on her way.

Or, at least, she should be.

(Note, this is where the potential SPOILERS really kick in)

After all, if the movie turns out to be at all faithful to Ant-Man's comic-book origins, then his daughter should be named Cassandra - and will, most likely, have a congenital heart condition which forces Scott to turn to crime.

  As well as to modern art...
As well as to modern art...

That, though, isn't the most interesting part of Cassie Lang's story.

That'd be when she stole a bunch of the 'Pym particles' that gave her dad his powers, and became a superhero named Stature.

  With the power of being really tall (or tiny)
With the power of being really tall (or tiny)

And one of the Avengers.

Or, at least, the Young Avengers:

  Pictured, being young, and avenging.
Pictured, being young, and avenging.

Who, in the comic-book continuity, are a team of young superheroes brought together by the Vision when the world believes the Avengers to be dead.

And, since they include a character called Hulkling, and one called Iron-Lad, they're awesome.

And, for much of their existence, they featured Cassie Lang, aka Stature, as part of their team.

  Though still remaining a massive daddy's girl.
Though still remaining a massive daddy's girl.

Which, for Ant-Man, means...possibly very little. There's been no official confirmation of Scott Lang's daughter's name as of yet - nor that Cassandra Lang's part in his origin story will feature in the movie.

However, the Young Avengers are exactly the sort of straightforward, relatively inexpensive spin-off that Marvel could easily be in the market for over the next decade - think Marvel meets the CW - so the confirmation that we'll see a junior Lang is, if nothing else, an opening up of the possibility of seeing the team.

Plus, their junior, female version of Hawkeye is just ridiculously cool - thus solving most people's only problem with the Avengers movies.

  Seen here, with Cassie Lang in the background.
Seen here, with Cassie Lang in the background.

The likelihood of that being soon probably depends on how old the actress cast to play her is. Hire a five year old, and she's easy to recast - but not for ten years or so. Hire a teenager, though, and some of those unannounced release slots over the next few years could suddenly get seriously interesting.

  Pictured: an excellent way of buying time.
Pictured: an excellent way of buying time.

Plus, of course, odds are Evangeline Lilly's going to end up playing a different, MCU-ified version of the Wasp in Ant-Man anyway, so we could even (eventually) get two bonus superheroes for the price of one.

Which is always a good thing.

[Ant-Man](movie:9048) is currently still set for release July 17, 2015 - and boy, do Marvel not seem to want to change that.


What do you guys think? Will we see Cassie Lang in Ant-Man?

via Screen Rant


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