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Whovians, unite.

In just a matter of weeks we'll be treated to the new incarnation of The Doctor, and since it was announced last year that 56-year-old Scottish actor Peter Capaldi was to take on the role, the rumor mill has been non-stop.

Some fears are finally to be allayed, however, in the new teaser trailer and synopsis for the series opener "Deep Breath", which premieres on the 23rd of August.

And it's set to be an epic one, with a record run-time of 75 minutes.

Apart from a disastrous script leak from the BBC's Latin American headquarters, the story details have been kept tantalizingly under wraps.

But if this trailer's anything to go on, we're in for some classic Doctor adventuring, with a smattering of Capaldi's trademark dry humor.

Jenna Coleman remains in her role as Clara Oswald, while 11th Doctor Matt Smith appears in a cameo.

Plus: there's dinosaurs. According to the BBC's official synopsis:

When the Doctor arrives in Victorian London, he finds a dinosaur rampant in the Thames and a spate of deadly spontaneous combustions. Who is the new Doctor and will Clara’s friendship survive as they embark on a terrifying mission into the heart of an alien conspiracy? The Doctor has changed. It’s time you knew him.

Watch the trailer below:

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