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The driver responsible for plowing through a crowd at this year's Comic-Con Zombie Walk has now spoken about the event and provided his version of events.

The driver, who is deaf, recently caught up with IDeafNews, to explain why he drove through a cluster of pedestrians with his car, injuring a woman. The 48 year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, stated he had just finished his volunteer shift at the Comic-Con and was returning home with his sister, girlfriend and her son. He stated that the incident occurred only after the Zombie Walkers and spectators had surrounded his vehicle. He explained:

After they surround my car, I went ahead honking my horn lightly and moved my car slowly. I was puzzled with the things that were going on.

However, things escalated quickly when spectators began to get aggressive and antagonistic towards the car, with one sitting on the hood and punching the windscreen while another reportedly opening the back-passenger door of the car. He continued:

I got scared. That’s when I plowed my car through the crowd. I had to do this to save my family because of the crowd. I couldn’t tell if the parade was done.

A video of the event was posted online, however it is not entirely clear what is occurring around the vehicle:

After the event, the driver went straight to the nearest police officer to explain the situation. At the time he was unaware he had struck anyone, but claimed he was only concentrating on getting his family out of the situation. However, once he found out he had injured someone he was remorseful and offered to pay her medical expenses. He added:

I felt awful about it. I just couldn’t believe that I actually hit the old lady.

It should also be noted that this incident occurred away from the main Zombie Walk, and included mostly stragglers and others who were not officially part of the event. Indeed, the police had originally controlled the intersection, but had moved on with the main crowd.

The driver was not cited and the accident is currently under investigation by the San Diego Police Traffic Division.

Source: Times of San Diego


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