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Karly Rayner

Singletons of the world take comfort, if Lindsay Lohan is engaged, there is hope for us all!

The 28-year-old actress and professional competitive vodka chugger has prompted rumors of a European engagement by being snapped sporting a massive sparkler on her ring finger (otherwise known as the 'attention' finger).

Check out the images that sparked the tinder box of gossip below;

Seeing as Lilo hasn't wobbled into a long term relationship for years, I suspect that the [Inconceivable](movie:1221972) actress had a serious case of the look-at-mes and decided to whip out her biggest piece of costume jewellery for the paps.

That being said, her expression is somewhat convincing. The shocked look and the ring make it seem like the proposal might have happened mid blackout, which is just SO Lilo...


Why is Lindsay Lohan wearing this enormous sparkler?

(Source: The Hollywood Gossip)


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