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Have you ever imagined your favorite Disney characters abandoning their noble quests in order to keep up with the Kardashians?

Nope, neither have I because I value my childhood, but the talented Irish artist Holly Shortall obviously has a deliciously deviant mind.

Check out her amazing illustrations below to see what I mean...

Pimp Momma Rafiki

Top marks for nailing North West's perpetually bewildered expression... We'd all feel the same if we were being held aloft at great heights by that insane baboon, momager Kris.

She would totally drop you for a nice meaty headline.


Beastly and the Beast

There is no way Kanye would ever let Kim wear something so flattering. Where the leather jogging pants at?



Much like Peter Pan, Kanye has never grown up.

Unfortunately he is stuck in the petulant teenage years of having an existential crisis over dinner. 'For f**ks sake Mom! You KNOW I don't like tater tots'


The Egotist and the Yob

Bitch please, the rock on that ring is smaller than Kim K's pillowy pout. Don't even bother opening your eyes, babes.


Poor Unfortunate Souls

Don't look too pleased with your catch, Kanye!

Check out more of Holly's amazing work HERE!


Which Disney Kim and Kanye did you like best?

(Source: The Hollywood Gossip via Cosmopolitan


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