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Nicholas Sparks is a name that tends to divide audiences like few others (Michael Bay being an obvious exception).

For many, the words 'adapted from a novel by Nicholas Sparks' will send chills down their spine, and send them running as fast as they can. For many more, it's one of the best guarantees of old school, tear-jerking happy-feels in the world today.

All of which means the audience for the upcoming The Best of Me may already be pretty much pre-determined. Which, as it turns out, is a real shame. The latest trailer for the film shows off a movie as cliched, formulaic and predictable as any other Nicholas Sparks film - but seems to crackle all the same:

Now, that could well be a result of the obvious chemistry between leads James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan, or the fact that their junior counterparts Luke Bracey and Liana Liberto seem perfectly - if slightly oddly - cast.

More likely it's because James Marsden is a walking embodiment of the concept of laid back awesomeness - a sort of PG-13 Matthew McConaughey - or that there looks to be enough darkness to the movie's subplots to keep the attention of the more cynical viewer.

Either way, it's looking good for everyone's tearjerking and date-night needs come October - and for what, alongside his recent casting in HBO's Westworld, looks set to be a 2014 Marsden resurgence.

[The Best Of Me](movie:667876) is set for release October 17, 2014. With all the feels to follow shortly after.


What do you guys think? Tearjerking fun for all the feels?

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