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Since Lionsgate's planned adaptation The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero has disappeared into the ether, we were left wondering if the story of Harry Houdini would ever make it to our screens.

Enter History Channel, with their new miniseries Houdini, starring Adrien Brody as the titular bendy man.

The series will air on two consecutive nights, and also features The Cabin in the Woods star Kristen Connolly as his wife Bess Houdini and Evan Jones as Harry's assistant.

Calling in Brody, who's best known for his Oscar winning turn in Polanski's The Pianist, is certainly an ambitious move. And if the series synopsis is anything to go by, History Channel have Emmys on the brain:

From humble beginnings at circus sideshows to sold-out concert halls, Eastern European immigrant Erich Weiss rose to become a household name across the globe–Houdini. A thrilling ride throughout Harry’s psyche, HOUDINI delves deep behind the curtain into his life through his stunts, his visions and his mastery of illusion.

A ride through the psyche, eh? It's fortunate that we have a new super-buff Brody to distract us.

Houdini airs September 1st and 2nd. Watch him in action below.


Will you be watching Houdini?

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