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Just when you thought that everything was becoming something less than awesome - The Lego Movie pokes its head back up, and once again proves that everything is awesome.

When there are more Lego movies on the way.

That's right - we already knew that a sequel to the years most successful Lego-related movie is on its way, due May 26, 2017, along with a spin-off, Ninjago, expected September 23, 2016.

Now, though, Warner Bros. have confirmed that there will be an additional two movies, set for Memorial Day 2018 and 2019.

Which means double the on-screen Lego we were expecting.

The only question then is what form the movies will take. With the huge lead-time required for an animated movie of that scale, the odds of a Ninjago sequel being commissioned this early seem slim, whereas The Lego Movie 3 seems a pretty solid bet.

The one year gap, though, suggests it won't be a fourth sequel, and that it'll be the earlier of the two dates - meaning that the second movie's identity is still very much up in the air.

Get ready for some serious hoping, Bionicles fans...

[The LEGO Movie](movie:376368) is available on DVD and Blu Ray now - which might soften the blow of a three year wait for the sequel...


What do you guys think? What Lego Spin-off will we see in 2018?



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