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Jess O'Kane

Bummer. It seems that catapulting James Cameron into the sea in a giant green capsule is not enough for anyone to care.

Because he craps money, Cameron decided he'd spend some more on filming his deep-sea diving escapades, which is pretty much as boring as it sounds.

(Don't get me wrong, I love weird looking jellyfish...I just don't want to listen to a weird jellyfish talk about them).

And it would seem the public agree, since the documentary barely got any publicity, and opened to a tiny $147,000 in 304 cinemas this weekend. That's $485 per cinema. In other words, only the janitor and some lone geriatrics saw it.

By comparison, Cameron's previous documentaries have fared much better. Aliens of the Deep opened to $479,368 on 27 theaters in 2005, whilst Ghosts of the Abyss took in $22 million worldwide.

I'm sensing a deep, dark cavity theme emerging here.

Either way, we hold out hope that Deepsea Challenge 3D will spring from the abyss into the calmer waters of straight-to-DVD.

(Source: The Wrap)


Would you watch James Cameron living in a capsule?


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