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Love Guardians of the Galaxy?

Of course you do. It's awesome.

But there's another reason why. Beyond the talking raccoons and trees, and the space battles, and the Chris Pratt - there's an awesome underlying reason why you, and the rest of us, love Guardians so much.

Your childhood was preparing you for it, from the very beginning...

Think back, all the way to when you were a little kid - and if these things happened in your childhood, then of course you love Guardians of the Galaxy: It was made for you.

First up:

This Was the Greatest Opening Sequence EVER:

Because Indiana Jones and the Everything He Did Was Awesome.


Coolest Opening Sequence Ever?

Though THIS Was the Coolest Man in the History of the Galaxy:

I mean...look at him:

It's Han Freakin' Solo.


Coolest Man in the Galaxy?

And THIS Was the Most Exciting Thing To Ever Happen to You:

Even if it didn't have Ewoks or Lando in it. Or Boba Fett.


Most Anticipated Thing Ever?

THIS Was the Coolest Song Your Parents Ever Played You:

Even if this is what you listened to after your first break up:


Old School Songs Were the Coolest?

And THESE Were the Coolest Sneakers In the World:

Nike Air Max 1 all the way...


Nike All the Way?

And THIS Was How You Wished You Could Always Look:

Because this...

...was the coolest thing in the world.


Wanted to be in the Matrix?

Though This Series, and THOSE Action Figures, Were a Close Second:

Because Bucky O'Hare really was the 'funky fresh rabbit who could take care of it'.


Bucky O'Hare Was the Best?

And Might Be Why You Always Thought These Guys Were Cute:

And definitely not Vermin...


Raccoons Were Cute, and Not Vermin?

And Firefly Was the Best Show Ever Cancelled:

Though Everwood not being picked up on the CW was pretty horrifying too:


Firefly was Awesome?

Not That Any of Them Helped With the Greatest Dilemma of All:

Back to the Future, The Goonies, or Men in Black?

How could anyone EVER choose?


Seriously, Nobody Could Choose Between Them, Right?

And, Most of All, You LOVED Comic-Books:

Especially that one time the original Guardians of the Galaxy teamed up with the Avengers...


You Loved Comic-Books?

So. How many Yup's did you end up with?

The more there were, the more Guardians of the Galaxy was made for you. Make sure to let us know below!

[Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) is on general release now - and you're probably reading this in line to see it. And if not, why not?


So, was Guardians of the Galaxy made for you?


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