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Even the most smoldering stars have to start somewhere, but these Vampire Diary yearbook photos reveal that this stellar cast were all charmed in the cute department as kids.

If you were hoping for a forest of greasy mullets and angry acne, then turn away now because TV's most photogenic vampires were born camera ready!

Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore)

Even the mightiest oak tree was once an acorn, but in typical Somerhalder style, this smoldering star was working his signature smirk from a tender young age.


Unfortunately, we all go through an awkward stage at some point in our teenage years, and Ian's involved an abundance of ears.

You can still totally see the potential though!

Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert)

Nina Dobrev is still as cute as a button aged 25, so it should come as no surprise she was the sort of kid that looked like they vomited rainbows and happiness everywhere they go!

Dobrev clearly had some very perceptive class mates too. [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) actress was voted as the most likely to star in a Hollywood Blockbuster.

Does everyone's favorite supernatural TV series count?

Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore)

It's not just Paul Wesley's face that's changed over the years! The actor used to be known as 'Paul Wasilewski' but he changed his name to the more pronounceable Wesley to aid his acting career.

Although Wesley has increased dramatically in handsomeness over the years, it's also hard to tell exactly what's changed about the 32-year-old actor...

There has definitely been an improvement in eyebrow grooming though!

Candice Accola (Caroline Forbes)

Candice Accola was clearly rehearsing for the role as Mystic Falls' 'vampire barbie' from an early age!

Kat Graham (Bonnie Bennett)

Bonnie Bennett's dazzling smile had much more humble beginnings! Despite the dodgy camp T-Shirt and scrunchie combo, Kat Graham is a bewitchingly adorable kid.

Zach Roerig (Matt Donovan)

Trust Zach Roerig to have a High School portrait that makes us all feel woefully inadequate. He totally won this game...

Matt Davis (Alaric Saltzman)

It's not quite high school, but this blast from the past is from all the way back in 2002 when Matt Davis was 24-years-old. Not loving the chest wig or the curtains, but with those deep blue eyes and rugged charm, this could just be the head shot that launched Davis' career!


Which Vampire Diaries star won the yearbook game?


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