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Guardians of the Galaxy is space adventure film about bunch of misfits coming together due to different reasons and finally forming a team to fight the evil villain Ronan, the plot may seem old but its completely different from the Marvel movies we have been seeing from past 6 years and complete joy ride and very entertaining one too because of the characters in it, the adventures and story keeps moving forward no matter what without any lagging.Now coming to each of the misfits who form a group and call themselves the Guardians of Galaxy, every character is different from each other, some will love all of them, and some will love one to the most compared to the rest, will talk about the characters in the order of least favourite to most.

5. Drax the Destroyer : The Character is even though well handled and fits the group mainly due to the script, this was most least favourite character in my perspective, mainly due to the acting skills of Dave Batista was not that impressive and this charcter really looked dumb in the movie, no matter what, he would just hit his head hard against a rock without knowing that its his head which will be hurt, and knows only to do that but starts gfinally getting along with friends and fighiting alongside them, another interesting thing about him was the charcter never understands any metaphor which creates lot of funny sequences.

4. Gamora: Zoe Saldana completely body painted in green, she's not new to body painting she was already painted blue with pointy ears and tail in Avatar and the Blue paints works better that the green(in the HOT quotient). The back story of character Gamora is most interesting back story of any Guardians characters may we will get to see that explored in future movies, other than this fact she was just the hot chick in the group with father and sister issues.The fight and rivalry between Gamora and her sister was not completely developed but was not boring either. Character was more alien than human and love interest of Star Lord.

3. Groot: The tree like structure voiced by Vin Diesel who can just speak three words "I AM GROOT" might have been the least interesting character in the movie, but that's not the case, he's man power behind Rocket Raccoon(When Raccoon is without his weapons), sacrifices to save others and has very kind and friendly nature which is really well shown in the movie which connects us to the charcter really well and also capable of taking out 10 bad guys at once by extending his branches through all of them at once, and makes us say finally GROOT was pretty cool.

2. Star Lord: He's just the marvel version of Han Solo of Star Wars, he steels stuff, cares only about money and has some debts to pay to and loves music and to dance to it. He has left earth at 1980's and just makes pop culture references, up untill 1980, it would be really cool for this character to come to earth at present and get updated with pop culture till 2014. He was the most developed charcter with the story of him being kid how he ends up in space and calls himself Star Lord. The charcter is funny, witty and has his own cool gadgets to work around like the cool jet pack and his own spaceship for the team Guardians of the Galaxy to hang out in.

1. Rocket Raccoon: Genetically modified raccoon who loves guns and explosions could have have gone miserably wrong and collapsed the movie completely, but this Raccoon is here to stay and lifts the complete movie single handedly. He's incredibly funny, smart and can fix anything and escapes from any prison in the Galaxy and loves guns and plays around with people just cause he thinks that would be funny and even though he cares about his friends but does not acknowledge it directly and has his own way of dealing with things like he will explode the space ship if bad people do not hand over his friends does not matter exploding the spaceship might kill his friends as well.


Which is your favourite Guardian in the movie


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