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Joshua Burger

Hey guys, I'm a new contributor at Moviepilot. Many of you will know me from my article about my theory as to how the MCU will work out (linked here) and very few others will recognize my article as to why we should have faith in TASMverse (linked here). I am a big fan of DC and Marvel (but I know more Marvel) but I thought, Hey everybody keeps living in the past! This other guy is making a Nightwing: The Series Why not make my own heroes and become my own Stan Lee ('sTheMan). I have about 50 characters made so far and a couple of story lines. I am willing to accept storylines, characters, origins, etc from fans and supporters. Anyone is welcome to help out.

I don't need ancient gods still alive (like Thor and Hercules) but normal humans with the power set (be creative) of an ancient god (whom that person would be related to). I welcome all kinds of heroes and villains, there's really no limits.

Marvel has a plan of using the comics to make solo hero films that lead up to team-ups and DC makes a team-up movie that breaks down into solo's. My production has a mix. We make the solo movies (or series) before we make the comics (which anyone can help to make).

Supporters and contributors will have special editing privileges of characters, origins, and storylines. Anyone is welcome to join but we have a limited roster.

Open job slots:

Graphic Designer (3 slots)- This job will involve a lot of drawing and coloring. You will be given a certain character to draw and color and you shall also design the logo of that character (if seen fit). Also, the title with their names (e.g. The Astonishing Ant-Man or The Amazing Spiderman) These drawing will have expectations and may need to be changed if need be.

Character Creator (OPEN TO ANYONE)- This job is open to anyone with an idea and wishes to have it shared. You shall send in a description of the characters powers, race, name, hero or villain name, hometown, occupation, other names (like Batman-The Dark Knight or Robin- The Boy Wonder) job level (street level, espionage level, space level, magic level, etc), looks, persona, age, relatives, side (hero, villain, or neutral), situation (poor, hermit, rich, middle class, king, etc), reason for heroism or villainy, and a brief history description

Comic Book Plotter (3 slots)- This one will involve tying in origins, characters, and adding something new to the universe. This one involves a lot of thinking and planning ahead.

Comic Book Drawer (3 slots)- This one is very tedious but the end results are spectacular. This one involves fitting in a whole script, images, and detail. This one should not be taken by the faint of heart.

Ways to enter:

To become a graphic designer, you send an email to [email protected] and I will send back a description of a character and you draw the character with a background along with the characters name in the right hand corner in your own style. Then send me the image and the winners will be announced on a future article.

Comic Book Plotter and Drawer will be open after the first film.

Good Luck


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