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Matthew Chapman

I didn't have any interest in seeing this movie at the cinemas, maybe on DVD when it came out but a friend dragged me to see it and it wasn't that bad.

It is though pretty much a live action Family Guy episode and set in the Wild West.

In the beginning, I found it a bit weird seeing Seth MacFarlane in front of the camera but you get over it. Aside from MacFarlane, it has a huge cast including quiet a few cameos throughout the film, some noticeable while others are not

Now if you have been living under a rock and know nothing about Seth MacFarlane’s previous work, this movie is riddled with jokes that span the whole offensive region. It also has some awesome and pretty gruesome death scenes.

It’s an enjoyable and funny movie, definitely worth a watch if you are a fan of Ted or Family Guy and can handle the humour.


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