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When an icon such as Robin Williams dies, you scramble for words and memories to blurt out or jot down. However in the case of Robin Williams the memories and laughs and iconic roles just flow out naturally.

He was unique, original, iconic, a comedic genius, legendary, an innovator.

We have all grown up watching or listening to him and remembering those epic lines or zingers, from playing the genie in Aladdin, the lively alien in Mork & Mindy, and the funny funny Mrs. Doubtfire, to the cynical and real psychologist in Good Will Hunting.

Laughing and remembering this mans life is what we need to do. Watching his movies and sharing them with future generations is what must be done. I feel like I lost a beloved uncle and I never knew this man, but grew up watching him and laughing for hours and being entertained by the crazy genius that is, was Robin Williams.

Williams played a huge number of diverse roles in his Hollywood career.

Including everything from a starring role in a live action version of the cartoon Popeye, elderly bald US President Eisenhower in the recent The Butler (2013), Peter Pan himself in Hook (1991) and the voice of a hologram of a scientist in Steven Spielberg’s AI (2001).

Steven Spielberg hired Williams to entertain cast and crew during the notoriously gruelling shoot for the harrowing Holocaust drama Schindler’s List.

Williams was otherwise not involved in the film, but his relentless ad-libbing provided a much needed boost to morale between shots.

For me the perfect role to make me laugh was him playing the genie in Aladdin. Just hearing his voice and seeing him as Genie, you saw Robin coming through although we never saw him. The geniuses at Disney captured him perfectly. Famed for his improvisation skills, Williams produced sixteen hours of material for his voice role as the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin (1992). Ultimately, it was decided that Williams had ad-libbed so much that the film was ineligible for a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination.

I leave you with this:

Neverneverland has finally called Peter Pan home for the final time! He won't grow up or grow old! RIP Robin Williams, the world has lost a lot of happiness and laughter. As you made it your life's work to make others happy, your demons went unnoticed to the world. Fly away now Peter


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