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Just recently the world has sank down into a deep depression as it lost one of the most hilarious guys in Cinema. People I am talking about the amazingly talented Robin Williams who just passed away yesterday morning in his home. Mr. Williams touched all of our lives as kids whether he made us laugh or cry, we will always remember his amazing performance and memorable gut bustingly funny lines. Now as everybody writes their memoir of the great man, I decided of instead of doing that to actually remember some of my favorite roles that he played in that I will never forget. These will not be in order as I love them all equally and have come in different parts of my life and have affected me in different ways. So here goes my five favorite Robin Williams roles.

Dead Poets Society

This has to be one of my favorite movies of all time as it practically inspired me to get into writing. If you do not know of the plot details let me give you a quick synopsis. Basically its about a group of boys at a boarding school who are encouraged by their eccentric English teacher (Robin Williams) to start a Dead Poets Society where they go off in the middle of the night to read poetry together. Yeah I know it sounds weird as I thought the same thing but honestly it is extremely inspirational and especially for someone who is into English. Robin Williams character actually taught me that not everyone has some stuck up personality about English and that the subject can be fun and exciting. The way he helps his students and teaches them what literature truly is is something I have carried out throughout my entire life and something I will never forget. This is an excellent film and if you never seen it I encourage you to find it quickly and watch it. I'm sure you will be in for quite a treat and I hope you enjoy it.


My next movie is pretty obvious and most likely on everybody's list of favorite RW movies which is Aladdin! This film is one of those movies that I don't think any kid should or will ever forget thanks to the performance by Robin Williams as the Genie. I mean I love the movie but honestly RW made this movie what it was and without him it would be pretty washed down Disney movie. None the less the genie's one liners are still memorable to me and it's like his sense of humor washed down over me every time I witnessed it. This is definitely a film I will be watching this week for a good laugh.


This one of those movies that I watch maybe once a year and the kid in me just comes right out! I actually remember the first time I saw this movie watching it with my grandmother and laughing hysterically at the little situations the characters were getting into. It's a great little adventure film that again Robin Williams is great in. He acts as that crazy jungle man in the big city as he helps the kids finish a vicious board game. Even though this is not one of RW best performances, it's worth having it up their on the shelf to pop in to watch every good now and then. I can already tell that when I have kids that this will be a film that I show them.

What Dreams May Come

Now if you ever happen to be on a date and you are trying to get that perfect romantic film for you and your date to watch, I fully encourage you to pick this film. It's the perfect little romantic story that doesn't need to shove it in your face but instead be subtle about it and make it feel real. Robin Williams once again brings a powerhouse performance as he travels to Hell to get his true love back. I have never seen such true emotion portrayed on screen like this and I honestly cried a couple times in this film. Yes tha'ts right, it's a tear jerker but a good one! I highly encourage you just to watch it on your own if you don't even have a date coming up. I just hope that Hollywood can see films like this and instead of making cheesy gushy Nicholas Sparks movies, make films like this. This is a true romantic film about how far a man will go to get his true love back and what he will do. I just love it so much as I hope you feel the same.


My last movie is one that I think is seriously under appreciated by critics and audiences everywhere. This is a Steven Spielberg directed film about an older Peter Pan going back to Neverland to save his kids and to learn to be a kid again! Seriously why do people hate this movie?! It is possible that this is nostalgia factor for me but it's one of a kind for me something that I cherish and love. I also believe that RW was perfect casting choice for this role and can really play up that kid role. But also play the adult side as well when he has to go to work and unfortunately ignore his kids. Again this is one of those movies that I love no matter what anybody says.

So what about you movie lovers out there? Please comment down below and tell me how Robin Williams has affected your life. I hope writing this and reading can be therapeutic for us all and that watching his films can get us through this grief.

RIP in Robin Williams, you will be missed by so many.


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