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Presumably, you've stumbled across this page, seen the title and have asked yourself, "What's Vampire Academy?". You're wondering how you got here, why you're here, and why you're going to stay and read on.

Well, first of all let me assure, that this isn't going to be an arduous and boring post, oh no, dear reader, I'm going to make this as short and sweet as possible, and in 4 easy steps, I'm going to tell you what Vampire Academy actually is and why YOU have the power to make a sequel a reality!

What in 7 Kingdoms is Vampire Academy?

Vampire Academy is a 2014 American movie adaptation based on the first in a series of best-selling novels written by talented author, Richelle Mead. It centres around a race of fierce, Vampire/Human Hybrids, the "Dhampir". Known as 'Guardians', this fearless race of Hybrids have sworn an oath to protect a weaker species of Vampire, the "Moroi" (born), from the evil and sinister, "Strigoi". (made)

It is not Twilight.

At no point will either of these three species ever sparkle.

Unless they are brutally and cruelly attacked with glitter.

Which is highly unlikely.

Why does it need my help?

Well, understandably, living in the heavily obsessed, bloodthirsty-for-Vampires, world that we do, there are a number of Vampire TV shows and movies. With that, comes a significant amount of people who are completely fed-up of all things Vampire-related. Seriously, don't even mention the "V" word around them. It makes them very angry. Their noses wrinkle, their mouths sneer, their eyes widen in rage and they utter the words of their one biggest fear. Their Achilles Heel. Their Kryptonite.

"Not another Twilight."

Because of this, the first movie didn't do as well as hoped. People were reluctant to see it and bad word-of-mouth can be a terrible thing for a movie, regardless of whether or not it's good or bad. That is why we, (the fans and producers) need your help. The plan is to make the sequel more faithful to the books, both in production and marketing and to show those Vampire Haters that our Fanged-Friends will forever be badass and that regardless of what they think, we're not going anywhere.


Vampire's live for a long time.

We WILL outlive you.

Give it up.

Ok, I know why it needs my help, but give me a reason why I should actually help.

Now this is the hard part. We can't force people to help, and truth be told, we wouldn't want to, but we do ask that you put yourselves in our shoes.

Vampire Academy is a 6-book series so successful it has a 6-book series spin-off and thousands of fans across the globe. For many of us, we grew up on these books. In the same way the Harry Potter fans grew up with theirs. I personally bought the first book, a year after it was released when I was only 14 years old. At 20, I have now been following this amazing series for 6 years. That's my teenage-hood and the beginning of my adult-hood. This was the first series I'd read with more than 3 books, and to-date, is the longest series I have ever read. Not only is it a fantastic series, that is brilliantly written, but the themes and topics covered in the book are the reason it attracts so many readers. It's biggest theme is friendship, not a cheesy relationship between a girl and guy who are fated to be together as is the case with a lot of YA stuff. No, this series focuses on best friends Rose & Lissa, and their evolving relationship as they both grow and mature and deal with the hardships of living in a Strigoi infested world with danger lurking just outside the iron gates of their boarding school.

There are no "Damsels in Distress" in this series. Protaganist, Rose Hathaway, is probably one of the most badass 17-year-old's you will ever encounter in any YA series. She fights all her own battles, and typical Rose, will never back down from a fight.

Sounds Great! So how exactly can I help?

I'm glad you asked! Well, the producers of the first movie, Preger Entertainment, have organised a 'Crowdfunding Campaign' on IndieGoGo. This means that, like a lot of smaller movies, part, only part, of the funds for the sequel, need to be raised. This is as much for production purposes as it is to show fan interest. The Campaign opened up a few days ago, and has so far earned over $160k of its $1.5million asking amount. Now of course, there are perks for donating. Such as a digital download of the movie, hoodies, t-shirts, signed scripts and more. The producers are very active in communicating with and cooperating with the fans, so if this sounds like something you'd like to get on board with, please don't hesitate (hehe) to do so!

Still not entirely convinced? Watch this video from the cast & producers.

I appeal to the struggling filmmaker, who understands the troubles involved in financing a movie.

I appeal to the fan in everybody, who ever had their favourite tv series cancelled. Who ever had a book series, discontinued. Who ever had a favourite movie of theirs shelved indefinitely, with no information on if it was being made.

I appeal to the human in you. Understand just how much this movie means to the fans.

Help make a reality. Donate now on IndieGoGo.


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