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Batman fans around the world were finally appeased with the teaser shown at San Diego Comic-Con. Finally, Batman has the glowing white eyes to which we are accustomed! One of the most vocal fans of the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is none other than writer, producer, actor, comedian, director, and avid Batman fan Kevin Smith.

When a close-up image of Batman’s famous cowl was displayed early at Comic-Con, Smith was definitely excited about some aspects.

“It’s the Frank Miller cowl with the short ears and stuff like that…And you can see him, he’s got the f***ing chin for it…Either they built it up, or that’s all f***ing him. He’s got almost the perfect chin. I think they cast him based on the chin alone, man.”

Holy Hollywood, Batman! That is an exquisite mandible! Despite the perfect casting for Batman’s chin, Smith still found the image to be slightly lacking.

“The one thing that is missing is the white eyes…It’s still someone’s eyes…like his eyes underneath with black eye shadow or whatever the f*** they pick. And I wonder, ‘Why won’t they commit to like the white lenses at a certain point. Like why do we really need to see Batman’s eyes to be like, ‘Look at the human expression while he’s punching someone in the f***ing throat.’”

Right you are, Kevin. Luckily, Zack Snyder agreed! Later during SDCC 2014 the footage released of [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) by Warner Bros. gave Smith exactly what wanted.

Hell yeah!
Hell yeah!

Although the teaser likely won't officially released or in the film, Smith gave a verbal rundown of the brief clip:

“It looks amazing, dude. It’s like him in the armored suit that we all know from Dark Knight Returns. That we’ve only ever seen drawn or animated, and there’s a realistic, live action representation of it. You see Batman in the suit, jam the Bat-Signal light switch on or off. Boom, the light goes on. The Bat-Signal is the fat bat from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. Up in the sky, and right dead center in the middle of the bat, you see Superman hovering, Henry Cavill, and his eyes go red, like he’s going to use his heat vision and s***. And they cut down and push in on Ben Affleck, Bat-Fleck, down below, and his eyes glow white, man. Zack Snyder knew that every one of us been reading those books for years were like, ‘Oh my God, if you show me the white Batman eyes, I will follow you to hell.’ Ohhh, and he did it, he gave it. You can see it in the piece. I’m sure sooner or later they’ll put it up.”

If you have seen the footage, Smith's overview is absolutely spot on. It is a very "holy shit!" moment.

The Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller
The Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller
“It is phenomenal, man. It is footage that looks like it’s straight out of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, and for the first time cinematically ever, there is Batman in that suit of armor we all know from the Dark Knight Returns, but more importantly, white eyes, glowing white eyes, man,” said Smith. “That was an awesome, awesome moment.”

In case we've forgotten what Batman's armor looks like (doubtful), let's take another look.

Image of full Batsuit and Batmobile
Image of full Batsuit and Batmobile

It is reassuring to know that Zack Snyder and the latest Batsuit have the Kevin Smith stamp of approval!

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled to hit theaters on March 25, 2016.


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