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Some of you, or maybe none of you may have noticed my excessive use of these little repetitious Slasher movie animations called ''Gifs'' (pronounced with a J). Which have gotten popular for various reasons. Thanks to Tumblr though I have seen some of the greatest / funniest horror movie gifs ever. And since I have taken it upon myself to share everything else Horror movie related to you, I figured why not show you all some of these gifs that didn't get a chance to make it into one of my many articles, yet!

  Gif by DIA6LITO 666
Gif by DIA6LITO 666

''What now?'' - Leatherface

   Gif by DIA6LITO 666
Gif by DIA6LITO 666

No remorse!

A work of art..

I was thinking the exact same thing.

My favorite line from the whole franchise!

Why is Freddy so mean?

Some say she's still out there, pounding away at her head all these years later.

Well okay then...

Jason getting his groove on...

So that's how he catches up so fast!

Hurry up and answer!

I do the exact same thing when my internet stops working.

You all know how it goes, sing along.

Its me!, Jason!

Wow, I'm gonna be,... Legendary?

''Hey!'', ''what?! .... ''you left the keys in the door''..

I've always wondered why she just stood there knowing Michael Myers was somewhere around.

Get ready, get set, go!



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