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After a week off, we are finally back with another fantastic giveaway!

This time we are giving away a very special box filled with frightening horror trinkets. Our friends over at are giving away one of their amazing box sets to you FOR FREE, guys!

  Last months Horror Block!
Last months Horror Block!

Now that this super cool unboxing GIF of our last Horror Block has totally intrigued you (Right? Right), your head must be buzzing with questions like, "Well, gee, how do I win this great new box full of fun toys all about my favorite movie genre?! I NEED IT." Well, good thing I'm here to help you out. We are looking for the most creative and entertaining horror content to be submitted on our site.

Here's a couple of basic ideas to get all of your creative juices flowing:

  • A top 3-10 list of your favorite Horror movies, deaths, and scenes
  • Collections of your favorite Horror fan art and gifs on the internet
  • Your very own opinionated article on what the next great Horror slasher could be
  • A fan-made video recreating to your absolute favorite slasher kill
  • Easter eggs and/or facts about your favorite Horror movie that no one would've ever even known about

Whatever it is that you love to write about your favorite Horror movies and TV shows, is a perfect example of what we'd love to see on our site!

It's really simple to to enter the contest. All you have to do is submit an article as a contributor by tagging it with the word "Contest". If you are not yet a contributor, then what are ya' standing around for? It's as easy as clicking here and spending thirty seconds being awesome. Which you do naturally all day long anyways, right? See? Way too simple. Now that you're a contributor all you have to do is write out all of that genius sitting inside your head! Feel free to submit as many articles as you'd like to into the contest.

We will be choosing the lucky and talented winner on Tuesday, August 19th! That gives you a full week to woo us all! We have faith in you.

We're all eager to see all of the brilliant things you come up with, good luck!


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