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Directed By: Damon Beesley and Iain Morris.

Starring: Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas.

The boys are back, this time they venture to the far reaches of Australia to catch up with Jay and his apparent luxurious lifestyle, but what they actually end up doing is alienating every person they come across.

After their very successful TV series and a successful first feature film, the gang are back for a second outing as they regroup and go on another lads holiday.

Like the first film, the antics kick off at home as we catch up with the boys struggling to fit in. Will is struggling to get friends, Simon is caught in a psychotic relationship and Neil is just drifting through life, as confused as ever. Jay however has been living it large in Australia, fighting Koala's, befriending celebrities and being branded "DJ Big Penis". The boys decide to venture down under and see if Jay really is telling the truth.

After their first feature film outing, it was obvious that The Inbetweeners had taken a step in the wrong direction and after the second film, its fair to say that the boys' best days are certainly behind them.

After we land in Australia, the comedy set pieces come thick and fast, mainly concentrating on Will who is yet again trying to romance a girl completely out of his league.

Like the first film, there are many laughs to be had at the four's interaction with the world around them and each other. But jokes do fall flat and the film is resorted to a gross out comedy that was very unexpected.

Albeit the gross out humor does work in parts of the film, but by the end there isn't much else that this film could do to unsettle our stomachs.

Each character gets their own story arc which all have a predictable climax. Will is attempting to romance a girl from his past. Simon accidentally delves further into his dark relationship. Jay is attempting to find his ex and well Neil just wants to swim with a dolphin.

Each character is relatively the same as they have always been. Will is the posh one, Jay is as politically incorrect as ever, Simon is just as irritating and Neil has become even more dumb. At parts in the film its actually worrying how stupid Neil is. He was once an adorable dunce, now he's borderline handicapped.

Its obvious from the get go that the budget is grander than the first film, their is a strange opening sequence, and a very impressive sequence involving Jay that took me by surprise. But better budget does not been better quality in terms of writing, acting or directing. The most funniest parts of the film are not the biggest, flashiest or even most memorable parts of the film, the best humor comes when it is just the four lads interacting with each other, like it was in the TV show. The trouble is there are not enough of those smaller, more real moments in the film. The film is more focused on being a flashy, gross out comedy. And like I said, some of the set pieces work, including one at a water park that had me and my friends going "No, no, no, oh god no".

What we all remember from the TV series and the first film are the smaller, more personal moments involving the four guys. But this time round, the bigger, flashier set pieces felt more prominent and it wasn't as appealing.

The movie is funny, its a fun time for you and your friends but a definite step backwards in terms of these characters. I enjoyed it, for what it was, but its unlikely I'll ever sit down to see it again. I'm giving The Inbetweeners 2 a C+.


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