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Rob Zombie has recently released content information on his new up and coming horror film "31". The film currently is in preproduction. The horror community just recently was graced with the plot, concept art images, and even some perks. Perks? Yes, that's right Rob himself has released a crowd funding campaign for the film "31".

The project itself has a campaign page with His perks or rewards, are pricey yet worth it, if you are a Zombie fan. So far the film has a total of over 1500 backers. He released the page just at the end of July, and he already has a lot of major support.

Now some people really have a problem with Zombie using crowd funding for his film. They feel as if he already has the funding himself to produce his own films. From their perspective they feel as if he's using his fans. Other independent horror producers in the past have not resorted to crowd funding. With their own production companies they've funded, produced, and have gotten distribution for each of their films.

However, I believe I can see where Zombie is going with this one. He's really including the fans in the experience of filmmaking. He's giving his die hard fans an opportunity to be apart of this production from the early preproduction stage. It's extremely smart, that he's using the amazing rewards to share with his fans. The merchandise is creating hype for the film before even shooting begins.

The concept of "31", is about five people who are kidnapped five days before Halloween. They're trapped in a place called Murder World. While there, they must survive a violent game called 31.

The concept alone is very interesting and I'm excited to see where Rob will take us for this film. He's always pushing the limits, which is something I really admire about him. I'm expecting all the violence, gore, and intensity he has to offer. Check out all "31" details at the campaign page.


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