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i love to write about the 5 guys you see in the background. so thats a lot of what you'll see here.
Kalab Crockett

this is a 16-seed tournament. i will post each round on here and have you guys decide who moves on. we start with the #1 and #16 seeds.

the first is jason vorhees #1 seed and ash williams #16.

  jason vorhees
jason vorhees

#1 jason vorhees

so to give you a discription about jason. jason is SUPER STRONG. he mainly weilds his signature machete. and he has taken more damage than just about anybody. he fought freddy krueger and more than just held his ground. he could hold his ground against anyone or anything on this list. he also has the highest body count and more movies than anyone else too.

  Ash Williams
Ash Williams

#16 ash williams

ash williams is from the evil dead series. he has a chainsaw for a hand and a shotgun he calls his 'BOOMSTICK'. he also is mentioned often for a 3 franchise crossosver between him,jason,and freddy.


so who moves on jason or ash(explain in comments)


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