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There has been an awakening...have YOU felt it?
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He is the hero with the power of a million exploding suns. A relatively recent comic book character this Marvel creation benefited from an unusual Hulk style. Released with an limited series, he was given appearance of a long Stan Lee character from the silver-age, even predating The Fantastic Four that was finally getting a long overdue reboot. Kicking off his full return readers were introduced to Bob Reynolds a seemingly normal married man awakening from a nightmare during a thunderstorm.

While going downstairs and to letting the dog out he plucked and mused about his old enemy, the Void, returning to Earth. Believing that the Void would be stronger than ever and that he would be the only hope for humanity he revealed a bottle of serum hidden away within the book, as he looked at the bottle viewers were shown glimpses of the hero's preview comic book exploits. This included showing Bob as a young man who had stumbled upon a professor's secret formula, this showed him drinking it and beginning to glow with energy.

It then jumped ahead to showing Bob using his new found strength and powers to do good and get the girl. Readers even got to see Bob sowing his uniform, a golden suit. While the aged man debated about drinking the serum and becoming the Sentry once again he did this all while looking at the closet where he stored his old costume. Drinking the serum Bob felt his powers returning and readers were shown more of his long forgotten memories these revealed his power to fly, super sense, and that he had once worked along side his super powered K-9. Bob then remembered his arch nemesis the Void and got a glimpse of him using his powers to fight off the foe who had vowed vengeance against him.

Journeying outside into the storm Bob tried to remember why his memories were so unclear and why he had stopped being a superhero. He than remembered a professor explaining that the serum created a hyper stated conscience that the powers came directly from the sun and that his abilities were limitless, the professor had also revealed that there was no way of knowing the effect of his long exposure to regular intake of the serum. Fearful of the ghost like Void's return so he began working to repare something he had once found on an alien planet that was destroyed by the Void. With his mind not on the genius level that it once was Bob drank more of the serum, it was at that point that the Void seemingly presented itself to Bob.

As his wife came down to check on the noise she found Bob broken down on the floor next to the dog that he had kicked in an apparent hallucination and she became outraged that he had started drinking again. With this Bob began to believe that only he could remember his former live this led Bob to revisit each of his former superhero friends in succession who had also forgotten him this also spread an investigation to discover why they and the entire world had forgotten about him. While more and more of his former memories began to return including details of his marriage, had it turned out the Sentry had faked his death before using his powers to make the entire world forget that he had ever existed this had turned out to be necessary as he had learned that the Void was part of his own psyche and that forgetting was the only way to make the Void to go away.

Finally remembering his self sacrifice and making the world remember him including his wife he realized that he must once again make the same sacrifice to save everyone. Following this supposedly one off and rather tragic tale the character eventually returned when he was shown in a special prison falsely believing that he had murdered his wife. Thanks to a supervillain breakout he got the attention of the New Avengers who helped him destroy the Void which as it turned out was a creation of his psyche or a cerebro virus as it turned out. In the years that followed he rejoined their team becoming a hero once more.

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