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Cindy Ramirez

Let's remember the good, not dwell on the sad.

I tried to think what could I write about a man that made my childhood fun, my teenage years reflective and helped me face my adult life with a smile in front of the unknown.

But I can't think of anything that I could actually write to make me feel better about losing a "genie" of the comedy, a tremendous talent, a wonderful man and an inspiration to generations.

I know time will heal our wounds, soon, we will be seizing the day and laughing when we see his movies. But, let's not remember him for the unnecessary detailed information that surrounds his demise, let's remember him for every smile he brought to our faces and lesson he taught us. I want to share with you all a video from Mashable were they highlight some of the best moments this actor leaves in our memories and our hearts. Let's remember him smiling, and smile when we remember him.

It's sad to think he fought with such loneliness, when he was so warmly loved. If you love someone, let them know. And if you know someone who is struggling with depression, reach out to them and ask for help.


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