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A Namor movie has been something that is talked about on a regular basis when it comes to Marvel's future franchise films, but so few people actually know about the character that I felt the need to bring some light to the situation. As a huge movie fanatic, I felt like it would be best described by comparing it to movies and stories you already know. So, get yourself a bowl of popcorn and enjoy story time.

Disclaimer: Origin stories vary depending on the generation of comics. This is a general depiction only.

Films You Need to Know:

  • The Little Mermaid
  • National Treasure
  • Finding Nemo

Namor's origin story is kind of like a fanfiction to what Ariel's son would've looked like, mixed with the opening to National Treasure. Namor's father, played by Ben Gates, goes to Antarctica with other explorers to try and find that weird boat with the pipe that looks like a ship, or in the case of Namor's story, a powerful crown that has a bunch of snakes on it like some sort of possessed pharaoh's hat.

However, Ben Gates' explorer companion is Paul Destine, played by Sean Bean as Ian on National Treasure, who is evil so Ben Gates causes an avalanche to cover up the serpent crown and then starts blowing up icebergs so he can get the ship out of the arctic waters and escape Ian.

Meanwhile, down in the ocean depths below the ship, Namor's mother and the princess of Atlantis, played by Ariel, is sent by her Atlantean King father, played by King Triton, to figure out why all these explosions and pieces of things keep falling down onto the underwater city below. Ariel falls in love with Ben Gates, who is now Prince Eric, and they have a half mermaid boy child named Namor.

Unfortunately, King Triton did not get an invitation to the wedding, and thought that Prince Eric AKA Ben Gates kidnapped Ariel, so he killed everybody on the boat except Ariel and Namor, and then the prince went back to Atlantis with his now widowed mother Ariel.

So Namor grows up hating humans since his dad almost destroyed Atlantis with his explosive getaway, and this feeling only entensifies when Namor, who will now be played by Nemo, is visited by divers, King Triton, now played by Marlin, decides to attack New York City with his Atlantean army, played by all the fish caught in the net yelling "SWIM. DOWN!" at the end of Finding Nemo. Except he may have had a good reason to be upset, because those divers weren't dentists on the weekends, they were actually Nazis like Hitler. So, there's that.

Essentially, Namor is somewhat of an anti-hero to start off with as his story continues because he actually starts off hating humans: a rather odd quality for a superhero. However, should a movie ever come out (which we've been promised could only be produced at Marvel Studios), you'll be sure to find out how Namor changes as an adult. Do you want a Namor movie, or should the character remain a comic book exclusive?


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