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So for those that do not know, my ALL TIME favorite horror movie is the George Romero's original 1978 Dawn of the Dead, which means all things that fall into the zombie film genre, I sort of worship. Yeah, no big deal.

So what qualifies as my top zombie kills?

Well, for starters it would be an amazing head shot or over the top creativity of a kill. Think Kitchen Aid with a chainsaw attachment... hmm, no horror movie has done that one yet... ANYWAY, back on topic!

So lets get the ball rolling with my list starting with #5:

5) Zombieland

The bait and switch, but also the banjo in the supermarket! Using that as a means of distraction is creative for a few reasons. First, I haven't seen a musical instrument used for this purpose in the zombie'verse (not referring to the Marvel Zombies that use this same term!). Second, the characters personalities makes this way cooler; they apply themselves to how they execute it. Third, it all boils down to the special fx for me on this. Practical and CGI are done really well together for this film. Overall Rating: 3/5

4) Return of the Living Dead

Same guy that worked with Romero and both created Night of the Living Dead. Yet they both went their separate ways because they couldn't agree on zombie stuff for a sequel. Oh well! Anyway, this movie is campy, but oh so awesome in terms of classic 80's horror movies done right for this genre. From characters commenting on the original NOTLD to putting theories to the test about the ways to kill the undead, it really takes the cake! The best kill of this whole movie is the first encounter with the Med School Body that was in the freezer storage that suddenly came to life! The way they try to figure out how to kill it was insane! Overall Rating: 3.5/5

3) Shaun of the Dead

This hit British, now turned cult classic, pays homage to the original NOTLD. The reason it's on my list: it's super funny! Not many horror movies can pull this off well. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost drop jokes left and right in the dialogue that make you laugh about the original genre. From jokes about the rules to pointing out how to deal with your family/friends if this were to happen, nothing is left off the table. Now the scene that works best is when they find the girl wandering their backyard. They mistake her for a drunk woman, but turns out she is a ZOMBIE! Reason it's on this list? Besides the jokes, it's just the length of time to kill and how they do it. Over Rating: 4/5

2) Planet Terror

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez brought the Grindhouse/Exploitation Film genre back to the forefront with Planet Terror and Death Proof. Rodriguez's film made it to the list for the most insane and funny zombie kills so far to date. The scene I've chosen is the mini bike moment because come on! A MINI BIKE! HA! Plus the level of kills in this scene is crazy because he is so "accurate" at killing them on this bike. Plus the cars, trucks, and other vehicles in this scene just do a NUMBER on the zombies, let alone the splatter effects is too darn good to not miss. Overall Rating: 4.5/5

1) Dawn of the Dead (1978/2004)

I've chosen both films because they both have outstanding kill scenes throughout the movie. I'm not a fan of remakes 95% of the time, but there is that 5% where it actually is just as good as the original or better. The 2004 remake did very well, minus running zombies/virus victims, it was a good effort.

The 1978 Version: This video just above is the montage of zombie death scenes from the entire movie! I couldn't choose one because from the top of the head getting sliced off by the propellor of the helicopter to the crazy shooting scene of the car being driven around the mall, it's all so friggin' awesome! Overall Rating: 5/5

The 2004 Version: Now I had a tough choice to make because there are three distinctive scenes that always stuck out to me. This video above was one of those scenes. The moment when the guy has to take the shot gun and shoot the barrel of gasoline that the zombie holds above his head in the SEA OF ZOMBIES, is a reason this makes the cut! The amount of undead killed and after effect deserves a spot on this list. Overall Rating: 5/5

Movies that were good but didn't make the cut: Land of the Dead, Day of the Dead (1985), Return of the Living Dead II & III, 28 Days Later, Dead Alive, Resident Evil, and many more!


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