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I was told about The Giver from a friend about the same time Divergent hit the big screen. He said he read the book back in middle school, “it was a quick read, and it was a really awesome. If you loved Divergent then you should give the book a try.” At that time I had never heard of the book myself, nor had I heard that this book was being made as we spoke into a major motion picture. I went to Amazon, like a good girl and I purchased the book. And there it sits in my Kindle, waiting to be read.

I was thrilled when I was able to score tickets to the movie for a screening last night, and was anxious to see The Giver. I love Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep can do no wrong in my book, and well Katie Holmes will always be Joey Potter from Dawson’s creek, throw in some good looking kids that are up and comers and well it sounds like a smashing success. You would think, right?

We got to the theater as we were told to, hours before the movie to assure we would get in. We got in all right and so did the handful of people that showed up as well. The theater was huge and we had plenty of room to spread out and get comfy, not as exactly expected. But a movie could be a sleeper after all it was 18 years in the making, Jeff Bridges has been campaigning that long for the movie to get told.

The lights finally went down, and I was all ready for the movie. After all I was told if I like the dystopian books and movies like the Hunger Games and Divergent I was going to love this movie. For those that don’t know about the movie here is a little background before I continue.

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