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  • Each fight will take place in a different setting (they can not escape or receive any outside help - As in people or animals).
  • There's no such thing as "morals" in these fights.
  • Fight to the death.
  • There will be 1 fight per an article (Because of all the information I leave for these character's it's best to have 1 fight at a time).
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Winner of Thor vs Superman Match Up:


Central Park, New York City

It's a nice beautiful summer day in Central Park two friends get together for a fight to the death. An instance when black against white is indeed politically correct. There are many pawns in this battle. Moves are crucial, patience is the key component. This is a battle of brains not brawn.

Third Match:


Batman's Intelligence Feats (DC)-

(Information below is provided by a Batman fan site named - "The Batman Capability Site").

  • A young Bruce Wayne learning to lip read, speed read, combined with his genius level intellect was able to ease through his college courses at such a young age (Shadow of the Bat #0)
  • Bruce scored perfectly on every test besides gun handling for F.B.I. training (Shadow of the Bat #0 & Secret Files of the World's Greatest Super Heroes).
  • Use of photographic memory to "recall exactly how a previous battle he engaged in played out move for move in slow motion" (Detective Comics #454).
  • Batman teaches Red Robin (Tim Drake) how to slow down his heart rate to restrict blood loss. This is called the "Possum Reflex" that ends up saving Tim's life (Battle for the Cowl #3).
  • Batman- "Knows the general location of where even the hidden continent of Atlantis is located which amazes his Justice League teammate Aquaman (the King of Atlantis) who he's seen dropping off within close range of where Atlantis can be exactly found" (Aquaman #32).
  • "Hacks into and shuts down a high tech network using a device no more advanced than an average cell phone" (Batman Inc. #4).
  • Bruce- "Was taught and trained by a brilliant old Russian engineer named Sergei on how to build advanced weapons technology. In his final test from Sergei, he's placed inside a dark closed off room (inside the Egyptian Sphinx) with limited oxygen supply and the tech he built in advance to prepare himself for the test which proved to be useless since they were broken. Thinking outside the box and using his tech knowledge, he combines the non-operational tech to create unique high tech power gloves to dig his way out of the closed off room passing Sergei's test" (Batman v2 #22).

  • Bruce- "Mentions that he's learned how to make 10 minutes of air last for an hour long through a steady breathing technique". (Batman v2 #22)
  • "During his training years before he became Batman, he underwent the Thogal Ritual which is an advanced type of meditation designed to simulate death and rebirth" (Batman and Frankenstein #31).
  • Batman hacks into NASA's database and downloads all their information for himself (Batman The Abduction).


Batman's IQ: 192-198 (depends on writer)


Iron Man's Intelligence Feats (Marvel)-

(The information provided is from a Tony Stark/Iron Man respect thread on- 'Naruto Forums". Unfortunately, there's a lack of information on which comic book these feats took place, but there are scans to show his feats).

  • Tony creates the same Arc Reactor when he was in the Middle East to save Pepper.
  • Tony creates a exact human duplicate of Rhodey's body.
  • Creates a device that stops global weather disasters.
  • Creates his own time machine.
  • "Iron Man was planning on creating a nuke that creates a black hole that is completely clear to the environment."
  • Tony built a satellite that was a laboratory for space.
  • Tony creates a device for the military that could scan the whole world for radioactivity and fit in the palm of your hand.
  • Tony beats Reed in a game of chess.

Iron Man's IQ: Between 190-210 (depends on writer)


Due to so much information for both heroes I apologize if there is a lack of feats for their intelligence in the article. Take a look at these two links to see all of their intelligence feats- (Batman's Intelligence Feats) & (Iron Man's Intelligence Feats) This way you can make a better decision on the winner for this match up.


Let this match up begin... A CHESS MATCH!

Cover art by Marco D'alfonso

I'm uncertain where the Batman vs Iron Man chess match art piece originated from. If you know who the original artist is let me know.

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