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With big movies and big time movie stars rumors tend to fly and most of the time even when the rumors are true the parties involve tend to do three things; deny, deny, deny. One former WWE Champion though has embraced the rumor mill and pretty much taken trolling to a new level. So, who is it?

Not him.

  Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

Or him.

  Dave Bautista
Dave Bautista

It’s this guy.


WWE Superstar Sheamus is fanning the flames of the rumor mill that he actually may be pouring gasoline on it all together. What is the movie and role? The movie is none other than [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) and the role is Darth Vader. Now before you get your dander up let’s remember that this is just a rumor, a big giant rumor that Sheamus has felt the need to stir up. But, let’s look at the evidence.

Sheamus is the WWE’s current United States champion, for those that don’t understand what that means he is one of the top three guys in the company. The interesting thing about this is that Sheamus has been off WWE TV (Raw & Smackdown) for a couple of weeks and does not have a title match at WWE’s big summer show Summer Slam.

Sheamus, has been very active on the Twitter machine fueling rumors. Starting on July 28th he began posting pics that have further pushed these rumors.

First he posted this pic of himself on his way to Skellig Michael Island:

What is interesting about Skellig Michael Island is parts of Star Wars 7 are being filmed there. Also, interesting is that Sheamus portrayed Darth Vader in a Star Wars Episode I promotional tour. Of course with the internet being the internet rumors began to circulate. So what does Sheamus do?

If you follow the exploits of Jason Momoa as Aquaman, he would deny the rumors as simple coincidence, but Sheamus is not Jason Mamoa. He only fanned the fire with the following tweets.

Now if these rumors are true and Sheamus is indeed playing Darth Vader what do you think of it? Sheamus is only an inch shorter than David Prowse, who played Vader in the original trilogy. Prowse was a bodybuilder with limited stage combat training while Sheamus makes a living on the biggest stage for stage combat. Also, pretty sure that Sheamus won’t have any lines and it will probably be a silent part since I haven’t heard any rumors about James Earl Jones[Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158)coming back to voice Vader. Cue the James Earl Jones/ Episode VII rumors.


How do you feel about Sheamus playing Darth Vader?


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