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Guardians of the Galaxy has only taken three weeks to become one of the highest grossing movies of the year. Marvel Studios and Disney were so confidant that the film would be a success, even before the film's release date, that they greenlit a sequel to hit theaters in 2017.

As we all enjoy this wonderful movie, we still have to wait for three years to see the sequel! All we can do in the meantime is speculate. Speculate about who the villain will be; Will Nebula or Yondu be back? How big of a part will Thanos play? One of the biggest things going around in speculation is who will join the Guardians ranks? Avengers 2 is adding Vision, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver to their roster, who will be added to the Guardians roster in this long awaited sequel?

Here is a list of some of the characters in the Guardians comics who could pop up at one point or another!

Cosmo the Space Dog

Sure we already saw him make a cameo in the Collector's museum when he growled at Rocket and one could argue that this shows the two have some sort of past, or it could just simply be a dog growling at lower life form. We also saw Cosmo in the end credits scene so we know he survived! In the current comic series he's an integral part of the Guardians, and also the security chief of Knowwhere, which is where we saw him in the film, so I guess you never know!
Chances we'll see him in a Guardians sequel: 1/5
I believe, like Howard the Duck's cameo, that Cosmo was just for an inside joke to fans. We didn't seen any sign of intelligence from Cosmo, and no sign at all of his telepathy. Maybe we visit the Collector again, and Cosmo is still hanging around, waiting for his powers to be given to him!

Agent Venom

Longtime friend of Spider-Man Flash Thompson was in the US military and when he lost both his legs in action he jumped at the chance to be joined with the Venom symbiote so he could walk again. The only problem was he couldn't be connected to it for more than 48 hours at a time or it could take over his mind. He becomes Agent Venom and briefly joins the Secret Avengers, until he was placed on the Guardians team as a go-between with them and the Guardians.
Chances we'll see him in a Guardians sequel: 1/5
With Venom's character rights over at Sony along with all of the Spider-Man characters it's doubtful he'll show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They could just simply use a different kind of alien bug to possess a character, something that looks similar and takes over someone's body similar to Venom, but why bother really?


Although she's gone by both names, as well as Captain Mar-Vell, I think I prefer Quasar. It's cosmic, it's cool and there are way too many characters with the "Marvel" or "Vell". She is actually the artifiicial offspring of the original Mar-Vell. Her powers are pretty awesome, not only does she have the flight and superhuman strength but she has energy absorption abilities and energy projection. She plays a large part in the Guardians episode of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and not only holds her own with Iron Man but takes him down.
Chances we'll see her in a Guardians sequel: 2/5
If she does show up I think we'd have to have some sort of retcon on that backstory. It's confusing and weird, we could just make her a simple daughter. She also has strong connections to other cosmic Marvel characters like Nova, Drax, Star-Lord, Moondragon, Adam Warlock as well as her father the Kree Mar-Vell. I hope we see her eventually! We need more super heroines!


A current member of the Guardians lineup, Bug was also revealed to be in an earlier version of the Guardian of the Galaxy film's script before being cut.
Chances we'll see him in a Guardians sequel: 2/5
A character from Marvel's microverse, which is a universe that actually exists in our world but on a microscopic level, a universe we may be introduced to in Ant-Man. Bug joined the Guardians after an invitation from Rocket and has helped the team fight against the Kree, the Skrulls and the Shi'ar.
His powers include what you would expect from a bug: super senses, agility, ability to cling to walls, change his size, psychic communication with others and a sense similar to Spider-Man's "spidey-sense".

Iron Man

Iron Man doesn't really need an introduction, he's had three solo movies, he anchored the Avengers movie and has just finished up filming for the second Avengers outing next summer.
What you may not now is that in the current Marvel continuity Tony Stark has left Earth and joined the Guardians. In the comics, after the Extremis 2 story took place, and Maya Hansen was murdered Tony decided he wants to see what else is out there past Earth and hopefully bring back with him what he learns to better humanity, and his bank account. I could see this kind of thing happening after all the crap goes down with Ultron in Avengers 2. Tony is going to feel extremely responsible, especially if an Avenger or two end up dead.
Chances we'll see him in a Guardians sequel: 2.5/5
Fifty-fifty chance we'll see him show up in the sequel, the studio does need a major way to connect the Guardians to the Avengers, maybe it would just be a cool after credits scene, but it's not something that wouldn't surprise me. Six months ago I really believed he'd show up in some form or another in this summer's Guardians of the Galaxy, but with RDJ's contracts who knows?


Moondragon is actually the daughter of Drax the Destroyer. In the comics Drax was human when his family was killed by Thanos right in front of him. He was killed too, but Kronos needed a hero fight against Thanos and pulled this weak human's mind and soul from his dead body into a warrior's body. The same thing happened to his daughter, unknown to Drax at the time. She's an extremely powerful telepath, and she's bisexual with past relationships with Thor, Daredevil and long time love Quasar.
Chances we'll see her in a Guardians sequel: 3/5
I think it would be really interesting to bring her back, it would be fun to do more things with Drax he was the least explored Guardian out of the five in the movie, and bringing back his daughter would be a great way to develop him.


There's a lot of talk back and forth about a potential World War Hulk movie, and for those of you unaware of the Planet Hulk/World War Hulk story it includes several major Marvel heroes getting together, deciding Hulk is too dangerous for Earth and they put him in a ship, shoot him into space and he crash lands on this planet run by barbarians. Hulk is put into a gladiator pit to fight for sport, and he and the other gladiators end up over throwing the government, and coming back to Earth to take revenge on the Marvel heroes. Kind of dark and twisted for the movies, and especially with Banner's relationship with Stark I can't really see this happening. I for one want to see him in this sweet body armor though!
Chances we'll see him in a Guardians sequel: 3/5
We know that there is a fight scene in Avengers 2 between Hulk and Stark in his new Hulkbuster suit. There could be problems with Banner's control of the Hulk. There has also been a large rumor running around that Ultron will be the one to send Hulk into space to get him away before the final battle. If that were to happen he could easily run into the Guardians and be the much needed scientific brain on their team for a sequel! This could even give Stark more reason to go into space if he is searching for his friend.

Ms. Marvel

Even though we're all praying for a solo movie for our beloved heroine nothing has been announced, other than more and more rumors that she'll cameo in Avengers Age of Ultron, and that her story is in development.
Chances we'll see her in a Guardians sequel: 3.5/5
She gained her powers through an accident with Kree technology (yes the same Kree that appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy - Ronan the Accuser; he was a Kree terrorist). She's an integral part of the Avengers in the comics, even taking the lead of several teams when Iron Man or Cap are out of the picture. She was a huge aid to Stark during the superhero Civil War.
With the recent "announcement" that Marvel is planning on not doing movies based around origins of superheroes anymore we could expect that Danvers is already superpowered when we meet her. There are humans living on Xandar, why not superpowered ones? She could be part of the Nova Corps. I know this goes against the comics, but anything is possible!

Adam Warlock

If you've been reading about the Easter eggs hidden throughout Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor 2 you know that Warlock has already been teased, so plans for him are hopeful.
Chances we'll see him in a Guardians sequel: 4/5
In Thor 2 when Lady Sif and Volstagg visited the Collector to leave him with the Aether, we saw Warlock's cocoon in one of his cages. When the Guardians visited him the cocoon was now empty. Assuming that he has been "reborn" we can hope to see him in a Guardians sequel. Warlock has incredible ties to not only the other Guardians, but to the Infinity Stones and the Infinity Gauntlet. He is commonly in possession of the Soul Gem, and uses it in capturing villains. Again if you haven't seen the episode of Avengers: Earths's Mightiest Heroes that features the Guardians I would recommend it. He is a major player in that episode.


Nova is a fan favorite, and we've already been set up to meet his character by being introduced to the Nova Corps and planet Xandar in Guardians of the Galaxy.
Chances we'll see him in a Guardians sequel: 4.5/5
In the comics Xandar is destroyed and the last remaining commander of the Nova Corps ends up in New York City, dying, giving his armored suit to a high school student. He continues to balance school and his secret superhero identity. Sound a little cliche? That's because it is. Since Marvel doesn't do the cliche story about a superhero hiding their identity (because I think they realize we're all bored of it and the other superhero cliches) I think we can expect a serious change from the comics version to our cinematic version.
I expect Nova to be a terran who is part of the Nova Corps, but I do think that Xandar will be destroyed. Thanos is out to get them, and they're holding onto one of the Infinity Stones he needs. He wouldn't be a scary villain if he couldn't get a hold of at least one of the stones. I think Xandar will be destroyed and Nova will be the last of the Nova Corps. He'll join the Guardians because of their fight against Thanos, he already knows they are standing up to him it would make sense if he sought them out, and it would also give him a personal stake in the fight against Thanos.
I think the sequel could start out with the destruction of Xandar, and we see the fight sequence between Nova and the new henchmen of Thanos, and he's left for dead when his planet is destroyed. I think it would really show the audiences just how dangerous Thanos is, we all know that he is as comic book fans, but as of yet there has been no development in the films to make him seem like a villain who gets anything done.


Which new Guardian would make the best addition to the team?


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