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The remake of the mother of all bible epics (in your face The Ten Commandments!) just got considerably more interesting.

According to Deadline, distinguished British thesp Tom Hiddleston is being pursued mercilessly by MGM and Paramount to star in their upcoming... erm, shall we call it update, of Ben-Hur.

Yes, Loki might soon put away the sceptre and silly hairdo and strap on a toga... and silly chest-do.

Why does the good man need additional pec-stache you may ask? Because the slender actor has to compete with this fine specimen of stubbly manhood:

  To whip or not to whip...
To whip or not to whip...

If you haven't seen the original (what the hell!), it stars screen icon Charlton Heston at his oiliest, playing Jewish prince Judah Ben-Hur. Betrayed by his Roman childhood friend Mesallah, he has to leave his home, family and friends behind.

Ben-Hur goes on an epic (read: 212 minute long) journey from being a slave, to becoming a magnificent figure in the Roman empire. Before he has to choose between revenge and redemption he meets a certain Jesus Christ along the way...

Although Heston won an Oscar for his performance, it's easy to see Hiddleston out-act the at times a tad wooden star of old. However, it's much harder to see director Timur Bekmambetov out-direct William Wyler, who managed to produce this incredible action scene in the year 1959:


Is Tom Hiddleston the right choice for Ben-Hur?

If we want it or not, the remake is coming, potentially with Tom Hiddleston in the lead - at ramming speed!

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