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If you thought the final season of Sons of Anarchy was going to be a fun, family-friendly, happy affair (and why would you think that?), then I'm afraid you might be bitterly disappointed.

In a new interview with Collider, executive producer Paris Barclay revealed that not everyone would be making it to the final table. He explained:

… [in] almost every episode someone is dying so that makes it a little bit harder to shoot ’cause we have to keep saying goodbye.

Although he did iterate that when all is said and done, there will still be some survivors, adding:

Yes, there will be someone left. There will be more than one, but not a lot more.

Of course, he didn't go into detail about who those destined to die or survive were, but he did state that the final seventh season was about “chickens coming home to roost” and that “all the things we have done over seven seasons, eventually people have to pay for.”

With this in mind, who do you think will finally reach their maker in the final season of Sons of Anarchy?


Do you think Jax will survive the final season of Sons of Anarchy?

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