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Alfred Hitchcock was an extraordinarily prolific director who never forgot to have fun while he was at it.

He cameo-ed in 39 of his 52 surviving films, from appearing in a newspaper photograph to being the bus awkward passenger beside Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief.

The gesture soon became a trademark, and fans would make a game of trying to spot the small, rotund director in his own pieces - so much so that Hitchcock began planning his cameos at the beginning of the movie, so that the audience wasn't distracted for the rest of the film.

Hitchcock raised his game by carrying musical instruments during his appearances, including one especially memorable moment when he is seen hauling a double bass on to a train at the beginning of Strangers on a Train.

YouTuber and Hitchcock fan Morgan T. Rhys has compiled all of the great director's cameos into one video for your viewing pleasure.

Watch it below.


What would your ideal cameo be?

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