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Her lil bro has made it MASSIVE in Hollywood, and now it looks as if Lizzy Pattinson is set to make a name for herself in singing!

Yep, Robert Pattinson has recently commented that he is "ridiculously proud" of his older sister Lizzy Patz after she auditioned for British TV talent show, The X Factor. He said:

I'm like so ridiculously proud of her. I would never have the balls to do it in a million years. I can’t believe she's done it. It’s amazing.

Lizzy is said to be a main contender on the show as this year's contestants head to bootcamp for their third attempt at winning over Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Louis Walsh and Mel B.

If Lizzy advances in the competition, hopefully we'll catch a glimpse of RPattz in the crowd!


Do you think Lizzy has more talent than Rob?

(Source: The Mirror)


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