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Dragon Age: Inquisition was always going to be one of the most highly anticipated games showcased at Gamescom 2014, and EA's presentation did not disappoint.

There has been a great deal of speculation around this game, with questions such as which characters would be possible love interests, to whether or not dragons would be a rideable mount.

What's new in BioWare's Dragon Age 3: Inquisition?

So how did the EA presentation begin?

First off, BioWare showed us into the Dragon Age: Inquisition world, displaying its rocky seacoasts, crumbling desert ruins, luscious forests and tricky, treacherous mountain paths.

This is the biggest Dragon Age map yet, and it looks it. Even the map at Skyhold looks dauntingly massive.

You will lead a cast of nine companions in DA:I, and be able to customize your character like never before. There are nine classes, twenty-one combat trees and over two hundred spells and abilities. Your mission? Nothing less than to save the world of Thedas from the new and deadly threat of the Elder One.

Your fortress, Skyhold, will be customizable, too, and it is from there that you can choose to explore the world of Thedas, putting down rebellions, rescuing soldiers, expanding your knowledge of the world and recruiting characters over to the side of the inquisition as you do so.

The bulk of the EA presentation was given over to one particular mission, which involved rescuing some knights from a barbarian castle, and defeating a nasty looking boss.

One new feature that caught the eye during this mission was the tactical camera. With the tactical camera you can send some members of your party to deal with enemies farther away from you. Some archers giving you trouble by firing from a distance while you are engaged in heavy combat? Not a problem, you can split up your party to deal with whichever enemies you feel the individual members are best suited to tackling.

EA boasted that this game would introduce a new age of Next-Gen RPG when it comes out November 18th, both for the next-gen consoles the Xbox One and the PS4, but also for the PC and the current gen consoles.

Take a look at the BioWare Dragon Age 3: Inquisition trailer for Gamescom 2014 here:

So were you pleased with the presentation? What are your biggest outstanding questions about Dragon Age 3: Inquisition? Write in with your thoughts below the line!


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