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Today we welcome this generations live-action adaptation of our beloved four ninja, mutant, turtles, teenagers or as we call them- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I'm not going to pretend that you don't know what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are, if you've seen this movie and you're reading this review YOU KNOW what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are. But I'm guessing some of you didn't know or at least haven't seen the previous live-action films.

I was tempted to do a ..MOVIES IN ONE GO! article for the previous movies, then I saw the movies. What I have to say is very short...

I saw all four previous films and I know there are huge fans of the films out there. But I'm sorry, they are just bad movies, all of them, and this one isn't different. If you're going to crap on this film because it's ruining your nostalgia, please don't, those TMNT movies of your generation are just as bad as this one. Don't worry, all the kids of this generation's film will probably say the same, don;t worry I'll tell them the same thing when the time comes. But again, I'm sorry, but they are what they are, a bunch of really bad movies made to entertain kids. Let the kids of this generation have their fun, same as you had yours back in the day.

The four turtles; Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo, are all spot on. From their characteristics and their interactions and chemistry not only towards each other, but also from every other character is spot on. I'm not even bothered by their looks, I think it worked pretty well for me, and for them for the most part. The turtles are easily the best thing in this movie, which the film itself is sadly a mess.

My main problem with this film is that they got the Turtles right, but we don't get to see enough turtles. I don't really like comparing movies from one franchise to another film from another franchise, but this film could have been as fun as Guardians Of The Galaxy. I can look past the silly writing, the villains that I don't care about, the illogical thinking this film has IF we had the Turtles leading us on this adventure. The problem is, they're not the drivers of this bus, she is..

I mean, I get it, the filmmakers believes that this film would need a touch from a sex symbol, so BAM! Megan Fox as April O' Neal. But she never goes away on this movie, she is everywhere. I want less April, more Turtles, how hard can that be? But considering how badly this character was written, I'd say Megan did a decent job as this film's April O' Neal.

There are so many useless and wasted characters in this movie, but the one that bugged me the most is Shredder. Again I apologize for the comparison, but Shredder is like that Marvel Cinematic Universe villain that is so physically imposing, but is so shallow in-depth like Malekith, Ronan or even Whiplash.

This film obviously has some terrible writing in it. I mean I know that the concept of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is just plain silly from head-to-toe, but at least it deserves a decent writing and logic to it.

But I will say this, the film has some pretty hardcore action scenes. The first couple of fights, the fight on the snow and even the The Amazing Spider-Man-esque climax, they all looked really awesome.

Lastly, even though Michael Bay is attached to this film as a producer and not a director, I kinda wish that he directed this instead of Jonathan Liebesman. Because if you're gonna make a Bay-tastic film, there's no other guy that can make this look authentic and real Bay-tastic than the Bay-man himself. Don't hire a director that would abandon his own style just to project a Bay-tastic film, just get Michael Bay. It's that simple.

Regardless of how silly and dumb this movie is, you're still going to have a fun time with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That is if you can wait for them to spring into action.


Do you agree that all TMNT films are all bad and are no different from one another? Yes or No.

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