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The EA Gamescom 2014 presentation was highly anticipated. Fans were eager to hear updates about games such as FIFA 2015 and Dragon Age Inquisition, but there was one game that was being waited on perhaps more than any other: Battlefield 5 Hardline!

And fans weren't disappointed. EA dropped a whole 12 minutes of gameplay footage, and some of it was truly spectacular!

Check out the full Battlefield 5 Hardline Gamescom 2014 trailer here:

So what did we learn? Well, first of all, the most striking thing about the game revealed at games com 2014 is its emphasis on non-lethal methods of taking down bad guys. You can throw bullet casings to draw enemies away from a group and then arrest them, or, if you come across a couple of guys and you've got them outgunned, simply shout "freeze", and watch them drop their weapons.

This adds a new element to the game, and there are considerable rewards for arresting, rather than killing, a high value target. There are a few believability problems, though, as you can taser someone while they are no less than 10 steps away from another enemy. They cry out and fall down, but no one else reacts.

Towards the end of the trailer, we saw more of Battlefield 5 Hardline more familiar elements, such as the destructive environments and bloody action. And that element has not disappeared from the game, by any means. The EA Gamescom 2014 presentation was more about adding new elements to the game and allowing users to decide how they wanted to play than determining any particular method for them.

As a piece of mildly clunky dialogue says when mends and Marcus are outside the fort, discussing how to get back in:

there is a place to climb in on the left, or we could crawl under that fence on the right, or we could take them head on, if you're up for that...

In the end, the message EA wanted to stress if that in Battlefield 5 Hardline, how you approach the battle is up to you.

So what did you think of the EA Gamescom 2014 event? Are you looking forward to Battlefield 5 Hardline? Get involved with the discussion below the line!


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